Data Analyst Resume [2019]: Simple Guide To Get Hired

The #1 responsibility of every data analyst is to translate data into understandable information which leads to a positive impact within the company. Your data analyst resume should convince the recruiter that you can do just that.

Here is the simple guide to get you hired in no time!

What Recruiters Want To See on a Data Analyst Resume

First of all, data analysts need to know how to structure information into an easy-to-consume content. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right format of your data analyst resume.

It’s important to chunk the content into short but convincing paragraphs or bullet points.

Speaking of convincing content, use numbers instead of boring sentences.

What sounds you better?

  • Interpreted data for leading retail stores in the US.


  • Found major retail store opportunities which led to a 7% revenue increase in 11 months.

Another thing what companies want to see on a data analyst resume is the proper education.

Nobody is interested in your GPA but the right candidate often needs to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.

If you apply to a senior data analyst position, recruiters often require Master’s degree.

Pay Attention to The Right Resume Format

Keeping your CV structured is very important. Companies don’t want an unorganized person going through their most intimate data.

Contact Information on a Data Analyst Resume

It’s no longer needed to include your full address.

Usually, it’s okay to include just your full name, email address, phone, and the city.

Following screenshots were taken from MyPerfectResume builder.

Keep it simple, so it’s easier for the recruiter to contact you.

Your Work Experience as a Data Analyst

Here comes one of the most important parts of your data analyst resume.

Forget bullet points only, write a short “elevator pitch” about your past work experience.

Data Analyst Resume Work History

Next, include the basic contact information about the companies you worked with. Why? If your resume catches an eye of a recruiter, he or she will inform on you. Make it easy!

Speaking of your last positions, double check your start and end date. Mistakes in these little things make you look unprofessional.

Finally, you need to describe your responsibilities properly. As mentioned above, don’t use just bullet points, write a short paragraph about your past experience.

Data Analyst Resume Responsibilities

Here’s some inspiration:

  • Developed database objects, including tables, views and materialized views using SQL.
  • Coordinated statistical data analysis, design, and information flow.
  • Identified and documented detailed business rules and use cases based on requirements analysis.
  • Transformed project data requirements into project data models.
  • Designed and developed schema data models

Use this builder to explore all (40+) responsibilities.

Also, show that you can go a little further than others.

Provide an insightful look at the value you’ve brought to your past company by writing a short summary under every bullet point.

Highlight Skills to Show You’re The Best Candidate

First of all, pick relevant skills to the job you’re applying to.

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with the skills by yourself because they feel natural to you.

Again, some inspiration for you:

  • Data science
  • Data profiling
  • Process mapping
  • Data quality assurance processes
  • Defect tracking

Discover all data analyst skills by using MyPerfectResume builder.

Data Analyst Resume Skills

If you’re starting out and have no relevant skills, don’t worry. Use soft skills, such as “fast learner” or “problem solver” instead.

Your Data Analyst Professional Summary

Finally, maybe the most important part of your data analyst resume.

In many cases, this is the number one section recruiters read – Even before jumping into your past data analyst work experience, education or certifications.

Here you can get their attention, so make sure you pitch yourself right!

Use present tense, so the person reading your resume will get the feeling you already work with them!

Data Analyst Resume Summary

First Impression Matters!

To summarize, being a data resume analyst is a challenging (and well paid) position.

And when comes to hiring the right people, the first impression always matters.

Did you know that recruiters spend only 6 seconds on average while deciding if you’re the right fit or not?

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